Within the filter settings (in StoryTeller only), you have the option to enable Dynamic Weighting. The weighting logic in the StoryTeller supports “dynamic” weighting. This means that specific weight variables will be used depending on the selected Optional Filter. 

The dashboard below shows a typical example. The result will be weighted by Gender, so depending on which Age group filter that is selected a specific weight variable will be applied to the calculation to get a correct weight by gender.

Once we are done with settings in Administration pages where the desired Weight variables are connected to the Filter options, the second step is made in the StoryTeller report setup. The Dynamic weighting can be turned on or off per report. To apply the Dynamic Weighting logic to a report, the function must first be turned on. It can be turned on in the Optional Filter setup page. The Dynamic Weighting is a setting per Filter (as shown in the image below). The setting is only shown for the Filter variables that have been connected to Weight variables. If no connections have been made, then the Dynamic Weighting setting is not shown at all. The image below shows the new Dynamic Weighting setting in the Optional Filter setup screen.

When a result is calculated in the reports, the default weight variable defined per object will always be used until an Optional Filter selection generates another weight variable. A calculation can only use one (1) weight variable at a time, therefore, the following logic has been applied:

  • The Dynamic weight variable is only applied to the calculation if the Optional Filter selections generates one weight variable.
  • If the Optional Filter selections generate two or more weight variables, then the Dynamic weights cannot be used. When this happens, the ordinary weight variable (the one selected during the chart and table setup) is used in the calculations.

The second scenario above can be avoided by limiting the Optional Filter selections abilities. For example, if each option in a Filter is connected to a Weight variable set the selection to single selection only. By doing that it will not be possible to make an Optional Filter selection that generates more than one Weight variable. The following objects are affected by the “Dynamic weighting”:

  • Charts
  • Tables
  • Cross table tables
  • Dynamic icons