The significance test results in the table object is indicated with symbols such as +/- or ↑/↓. You can also visualize the significance test result with icons from the Icons and Shape library to make your layouts more eye-catching and easier to read. 

The images below show a few typical examples where icons from the Icon and Shape library are used to visualize the significance test result.

To use icons to visualize the significance test result, follow these steps:

  • Select the option ”Icons” in the Visualization type list*

  • Select the desired icons from the Icon and shape library (enter edit mode by clicking the icons)

  • Select the size of the icons in pixels

  • Select the position of the icons in the cell

The significance test result can be visualized with icons when a value is tested against another value. This option is not available when all values in the table are tested against each other, because it is not possible to show multiple icons within the same cell.