If you need to have detailed information on how your users are using the project, which reports they are accessing and when and how much time they are spending on some report you can use Report User Statistics module, either as a module – type of report that you can add to the project as shown in the screenshot “Report module” or as Admin functionality where it will not be shown in the project but in the background on Admin page.

Both these modules are considered add on. If you don’t have any of these two present in your project already please contact support or your account manager for more details on how to obtain user statistic modules.

In case you decide that you do not want to use any of these options and you need your user statistics ad hoc or one time, support can also provide you with the file containing your user statistic details.

You will notice that Report User statistics is available as a report module, that can be added under Portal tabs menu and shown in the project as in the screenshot “report module”. The module contains more customization of reporting options. 

To add it to your project, please see the “user statistics module” screenshot below.

Once it's added you can create tables by Comparing Report users and Reports crossed by the time setting. If you just want to know the count of the different report users logged in on a monthly basis select:

Calculation: Count

Filters - report users: All, but select at the bottom compare

Filters - Reports: All

Time settings: interval Month

The table will show you:

User\ MonthJan 2019Feb 2019March 2019
First and last name 1006
First and last name  2766
First and last name  3 etc100

If you need to know on which report the users have clicked, this report can be extended by checking the box Compare for reports

The table will show you:

UserReportJan 2019Feb 2019March 2019
First and last name  1Report 1006
First and last name  1
Report 2
First and last name 1Report 3
First and last name  2Report 1766
First and last name  2
Report 2
First and last name  2
Report 3
First and last name  3 etcReport 1
First and last name  3 etc
Report 2
First and last name  3 etc
Report 3111

Note: when analysing report with user statistics Time - Average and/or Time - Sum, it's calculating the end time based on the timestamp that the user had been logged out. The timer does´t actually stops before the user logs out or logs in again to another report.