The Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) module enables users to get real time event driven, satisfaction score monitoring and to provide rapid attention to issues as they arise. The users can create EFM alerts based on survey results. The alerts are reported in the Dapresy dashboard and managers can be automatically notified. For getting to know this module it’s important to be familiar with “Input variable” and “Form” report. Let’s start with general introduction to EFM before drilling down into details and getting to know how to setup and use EFM.

  • It´s drag and drop, no programming required.
  • The Dapresy Pro graphical engine allows for visual engaging Feedback forms
  • 100% integrated with Dapresy Pro to provide holistic feedback across all data sources
  • Fast, easy, affordable feedback across the entire enterprise

A Dapresy Pro EFM integrated module:

  • Identifies patterns in data that need attention
  • Allows Admin User to create “event based” alerts
  • Qualifies the alerts to focus on the important ones
  • Send “Alert” notifications to appropriate Report Users
  • Shows relevant alerts together with relevant background information
  • Allows the Report User to add more information to an alert
  • Organizes & reports alert handling
  • Can export sample files that can be sent to survey tools for new surveys

Components of our EFM module consist of following: