A “Slide background mode” is used to add objects that will be shown on every slide such as footers, logos or shapes that are used to color the slide background. The background objects can be shown online and in exports, or just in exports. The latter option is best used when you want a clean, online experience but want page numbers and footers in exported documents.

You can access the slide background via the ribbon menu, as shown in the image below. The slide background is always empty by default. All types of objects such as charts, images, and text objects can be used in the slide background. To close the background, simply click the button shown in the second image below. 

The image below shows how to enter the slide background.

The image below shows how to close the slide background.

By default, the slide background objects appear in both online and in exports. If you only want the background objects to appear in exported files, then you can set this up in the Layout settings panel. The image below shows the option to select if you only want the slide background objects to appear in exported files and not online. This setting is only available if the report contains objects that are in the slide background.