A “Device filtering” logic allows you to define what device size a report will be shown in. A common use case could be to have two versions of the same dashboard, one version is shown for Medium and Large screen sizes (usually tablets and desktops) and another version is shown for small screen sizes (usually smartphones). The Device filtering logic is supported in StoryTeller, Form, Cross table tool 2.0 and Document Archive 2.0.

The device filter is set up in the Layout Settings panel. To activate the filtering, enable the “Activate device filtering” option, as shown in the image below. When the option is enabled, you can select which screen sizes the report will be shown.

The device filtering is disabled by default. This means that a report is shown in all devices until the device filtering is activated.

The image below shows the setup of a device filter. The report in the image will only appear when the user uses a medium or a large screen device (usually tablets and desktops).