The positioning functions Distribute, Arrange and Align can be applied to both Groups and individual objects. This makes it easier and more efficient to position the Groups in StoryTeller and StoryCreator type of dashboard/report. Below you see an example of 3 Groups, these can now easily be aligned and distributed vertically to get the layout shown in the second image below.

A Group function enables grouping of multiple objects. The logic is similar to that used in PowerPoint, and this increases the usability of the setup. By grouping, multiple objects the setup and the maintenance of reports is much more efficient.
Some benefits of using groups:

  • Grouped objects can be moved around easily
  • The position between objects in a Group are locked, so accidentally moving around or changing the size of single objects can easily be avoided
  • All objects connected to each other can be resized by simply resizing the Group element
  • Multiple objects that belong to the same group can be copied with a single click
  • A Group can be hidden with a single click

The image below shows a typical example where all objects can be Grouped together for easier maintenance.

All types of objects can be included in a Group. However, an object can only be included in one group. To create a Group, follow these steps:

  • Select the Objects you want to group
  • Right-click to open the context menu
  • Select the option “Group”
  • The Group has now been created

If the “Group” option does not appear in step 3 above, you have either selected only one object or you have selected an object that already belongs to another group. To ungroup the objects, again select the Group element, right-click to get the context menu, then click “Ungroup.”

For easier maintenance, you can name the groups as shown in the example image below – the Group is named “NPS icons.” To name a group, just open the context menu and select “Rename Group.”

By default, you cannot move or change the size of a single object in the Group. The position and size can only be changed for the whole group. If you need to edit one of the ingoing objects, use the option shown in the image below named “Unlock objects size and position.”

Note: Available for StoryTeller and StoryCreator reports