Using Add slide button will add new slides to your StoryTeller. To copy a complete slide including all objects click the Copy button in the ribbon menu. The new slide will be placed after the existing copied slide and the new slide will become the active slide you’re working on. Always use Save layout to save new slides/objects.

To add a new slide, click the Add Slide icon in the top ribbon. The new slide will be added as the next slide after the present slide.

To delete a slide, including all objects in the slide, simply click Delete slide in the top menu.

In case you need to arrange the sort order of your slides you can user the Arrange slides option. Once you press the Arrange slides icon a new dialog box will appear, where you need to input the number of slide where your current slides needs to be placed.

The import slides is the last function in the ribbon menu, You can’t import slides from one project to another. The function “Import slide” works within the same project only. Once you press the Import slide icon, the new dialog box will appear, where you define which slide you want to import and the placement of a new slide.

Note: slides can also be arranged in the slide navigation tool using drag and drop which makes it much easier to arrange the slides. The image below shows how the slides can be arranged by drag and drop in the slide navigation menu.

(Though, the slides can only be arranged in Setup mode and not in Preview mode.)