The image below shows a typical use scenario. The blue part of the icon represents the percentage value of all males in the survey.

To create an icon like this, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Gender variable and the Male option, as shown in the image below. Also select “Single result” from the first dropdown list named “What to compare against threshold values” as the actual value that will be used to fill the icon.

2.  If you need to select any filters or any specific time periods, you can select those in the tabs named Filters and Time. The image below shows the Filter tab. If any filters should be applied, these are selected in the same way as always.

3.  In the Icon tab, activate the option “Partly fill by value” (as shown in the image below).

When this option is activated, you will need to define the Value color, Background color, Min/Max scale and Fill direction. The Min and Max scale settings are used to show right proportions. If the value that will be shown is a percentage value, then normally 0-100 is used. If the value is a mean value, then the Min and Max scale needs to be set to 1-5, 1-10 or whatever scale is used to show the result in the right proportions. The image below shows the setting used to partly fill an icon based on the result.

4.  Choose the icon that you would like to use by clicking the “Select” option highlighted in the image below. When clicking this option, the Icon and Shape Library appears, and you can select any icon or shape. In this use case, only one zone needs to be used since the same icon should be shown no matter what the result is. So the Start and the Stop value defining the range of each zone can be set to the min and max scale (0-100).

After you’ve completed these 4 steps, you’ll need to click “Update preview” in the top right corner to preview the icon. The result shown below the icon (see the image below) is only shown in the setup mode and not in the report. Only the icon is shown in the report.

By using the invert and padding settings on icons, you can create unique-looking InfoGraphic objects that are partially filled based on results.The image below shows an example of icons that are filled based on results.

To create the above InfoGraphics, use a three-layer logic, as shown in the image below.

  • First, add a solid colored shape in the background.
  • On top of this shape, add a column chart.
  • Lastly, add an inverted icon on top of the column chart.

The icon should be padded and be the same color as the background of the slide. Don’t forget to set a max scale in the chart so that a full colored icon represents the top result! The images below show the 3 layers necessary to set up a partially filled icon.

Users using IE8 (or below) will not be able to see the icons and shapes since these old browsers do not support vector-based graphics. Internet Explorer 9 (or greater), Firefox, Safari, Chrome do support SVG format.
(IE8 was released in 2009 and will not longer be supported by Microsoft). If users are using IE8 (or below) the notification will appear if the current report contains an icon/shape.