There are different settings available, besides colors selection, for use in Icons and Shapes object, such as Opacity, Rotation, Flip and others. Let’s start with opacity settings.
The opacity option should be used when an icon/shape should be transparent. An opacity value of 100 is a solid color, a value of 50 is a half transparent color, and so on. The image below has a 50 opacity value on the thumb.

All icons and shapes can be flipped. By flipping a “thumbs up” icon vertically it will be a “thumbs down” icon. As shown below, the icons and shapes can be flipped vertically and/or horizontally.

The first thumb is the original icon, and the second is flipped horizontally. The third thumb is flipped vertically, and the fourth is flipped both horizontally and vertically.

Rotate is used to rotate icons and shapes such as arrows. Enter the degree of rotation in the input field shown below.

The first arrow is the original icon, and the second is rotated 45°. The third arrow is rotated 90°, and the fourth one is rotated 180°.

Borders can be used in all kinds of shapes (borders settings are available only in shapes) The border color, width and style can be selected, as shown in the image below.

The “Invert” and “Padding” options are often used together. The invert function simply inverts the colors. Choose the background color, and the icon stays transparent. By adding padding, you can define the distance between the icon and the border. The image below shows the Invert and Padding settings.

The first person below is the original icon. The second one has been inverted. The third one has been inverted, and padding has also been added.

The context menu (right click on an object) has several layout changing options, as shown in the image below.These can be used for changing color, opacity, etc.

When you select an Icon or Shape object you can use the settings available in the context menu. The Full-size option is shown in the Size and Position menu (see image below). Use this option after inserting a slide background so that the height and width will automatically set to cover the whole slide!