The setup of the icon/shapes works just like other objects. You can simply drag and drop them in, and the definitions are made in the setup window. The Icon & Shape Library can be found in both the StoryTeller and the Form report. The image below shows the Icon/Shape Library object in the ribbon menu.

The setup window is divided into two tabs:

  • Library tab for selecting icon/shape
  • Layout tab for styling the object

In the Library tab, you can select the icon, shape, flag etc. and in the Layout tab you can define the color, rotation, etc. The objects in the library tab have been divided into two main groups based on their behavior and type:

  • Icons
  • Shapes
  • Blocks
  • Symbols
  • Maps
  • Flags

The Shapes have more settings than the other groups, and their behavior is a bit different. A shape can be stretched, while the other objects always retain the same ratio. A shape has both a border and a background color while icons, blocks, symbols and maps only have a single color. The multi-color flags have no color options at all.

To select an Icon or a Shape, simply click on it in the icon list. Each Icon has multiple tags so it’s easy to search for relevant icons. As shown below, the user searched for “positive.” All icons that match “positive” are shown in the icon list. When selecting an icon, all the tags are also shown just below the icon. To simplify your search, the letter “S” will be ignored if it is at the end of the search word. For example, if you search the word “arrows,” it will find the tag “arrow.” The image below shows an example of an icon search.

The Layout tab is used to define the layout of the selected icon or shape. The shapes have a few more settings than the icons, since a shape supports a border color and a background color, whereas icons only support a single color.
For the color settings either a two-color gradient or a solid color can be used. When using a gradient, you will need to define two colors and the threshold values.

The thumbs example below shows some of the coloring possibilities of an icon. The farthest left is using a solid color, and the other three are using the gradient coloring.