Icon & Shapes object is located after the Dynamic images object on StoryTeller ribbon. Using this object you can add new icons and shapes to your StoryTeller and Form reports. The main purpose of this object is that you can create professional and dynamically designed dashboards without having to create icons and images outside of Dapresy Pro. The image below was created by only using images from the Icons & Shapes Library.

The Icon & Shape library contains editable icons, which means that the color, size, rotation etc. can be adjusted to suit your needs and match your company’s graphical profile. Since the icons and shapes are vectored graphics (SVG format), they can be re-sized without getting blurry or distorted. The library contains over 1,000 objects (as shown in the list below), and it will be continuously updated!

  • Over 900 icons
  • Flags for more than 250 countries
  • Over 60 maps, including maps of all continents and the most common countries
  • Over 40 elements
  • Shapes such as squares, circles, lines, etc.

You can also scroll in the list to find a suitable icon. In addition, to other icons you can also find circle, star and arrow icons in the library. The images below show examples of these. Use the “size” setting to select the preview size of the icon in the icon list.

In addition to icons you can find variety of maps in Map library that you can use for your project. The image below shows regions of Netherlands, for example:

In addition, to categories such as icons, shapes, and countries you can also find slide backgrounds and banners and blocks. Most of these are “semi-transparent,” meaning that different parts of the icon have different opacities. This provides a multi-color effect (shown in the images below) though there is only one color assigned to the icon. The image below shows three different examples of a semi-transparent icon. The selected color is the darkest color in the top right corner. The other sections are the same color but with a higher opacity. The image below shows an example of one of the new semi-transparent icons in three different colors.

The image below shows some typical example of background objects that can be found in Icon and Shape Library. These backgrounds are also semi-transparent, so you can change the color of a background with a single click!

The image below shows an example of some of the blocks that you can find in Icons and Shapes Library which also are semi-transparent.

Additional icons have been added in the following areas: home icons, more arrows, more icons within food and beverages and more icons related to water. Here we have some examples of new icons.

The new home buttons are good to use when adding navigations to the slides through links and the new arrows are great to use when for example highlighting significance differences in tables. Here we have an example of a table using one of the new arrow icons to visualize significance differences.