In the Text object within the StoryTeller, you can include the labels of the selected optional filters by using the Dynamic text logic. 

The system hides the “No selection” labels so that the result will look like the image below. It hides unnecessary information, creating a more user-friendly experience. The image below shows the new logic where the “No selection” labels are hidden in the text box.

The image below shows how to define if the “No selection” label will be hidden or not. The setting is located in the Project settings page.

The following special rules are applied to the new logic to create a more attractive layout that does not contain extra commas or blank rows.

  • Removing Commas
    If “No selection” is selected in a filter that is used in the dynamic text, then the system automatically removes any commas and blank spaces if they appear just before the dynamic text. The purpose of this logic is to remove any unnecessary commas that are not a part of the Dynamic text itself. Below is an example of a “normal” setup – the highlighted comma and blank space are removed if “No selection” is chosen in the corresponding filters.
    The highlighted commas and blank spaces in the images below will be removed if the corresponding filters have “No selection” selected.

  • Removing Rows
    If a row only contains dynamic text (with no additional text), the whole row will be removed if ”No selection” is selected in the filter. The purpose of this logic is to remove any unnecessary rows when the filters are shown as a “column,” as seen in the example below. The image below shows the setup. Each optional filter is shown in one row in the text box.

The image below shows the results when a filter option is selected in Q2 only. As shown, the Q1 row has been removed so that there are no gaps in the layout.