In the StoryTeller report, the text object can be used to dynamically show the selected items in the optional filter area. When, for example, hierarchical filters are used the name of the selected unit can be displayed in a text box to notify the user about which unit that is selected.

Full Hierarchical filter information, which is the full path or desired number of levels above the selected unit can be shown. Example: Stockholm is selected in the hierarchical filter, either just “Stockholm” can be shown or “Total/Europe/Sweden/Stockholm” (example of full path) or Europe/Sweden/Stockholm”. The setup is made to show the full path or a certain part of the path use the dropdown list shown in the image below.

“/” is the default delimiter between each unit in the shown path (for example Sweden/Stockholm). If you want to use another character like space or – that can be changed in the project settings page as shown in the image below.