Now let’s get back to the option that enables us to add or edit the content of Text & Media element. We populate this element by clicking Edit content as shown on the image below.

A new window opens with the menu the top.

The top menu is a text-editor. The icons across the top work the same as in Microsoft Word. Simply choose a font, size, style, type etc and type in some text, then click Save at the top right of the screen. At the bottom of the editor sits a button HTML. When we click that button we enter an HTML editor. Here we switch from regular text to Syntax. We can now enter HTML tags and CSS. Then click Save at the top right.

When you are done with your component you click Save inside the component. Please note that clicking Save inside your component only saves the content on that component.

The menu across the top has some extra functionality. The upward arrow allows you to upload images, jpg, gif, bmp, png, image files only.Simply Browse for a file and click Upload.

The first step is to upload your images using an arrow icon. Once you press the arrow the following screen will appear.

Once you uploaded all the images you can insert them into your text&media element which will be placed on your StoryTeller.

Unfortunately there is no option to delete from the list of documents uploaded to text & media storage folder. Of course you can remove the document from the text & media box itself, but not from the list of uploaded documents. If you need some documents deleted, please contact support.