The folders in the Template Library are used to categorize all of your templates. You can do this in many different ways. For instance, you can categorize by type of project, by type of object, by different use cases, etc. Before you build the folder structure, you should carefully think through your needs of a structure so that it will be easy to find the templates you’re looking for. You can always go back and edit a folder or move a template from one folder to another if needed.

To create a new folder, first select the parent folder of the new folder (the new folder will be stored below the selected folder). Then click the option “New folder” and enter the name of the new folder in the input field that shows up. 

Folders can be moved, renamed, sorted, and deleted. You can easily sort by dragging and dropping. The options to move, rename and delete will appear when a Folder is selected (as shown in the image below). The image below shows the edit options appearing when a folder is selected.

A folder can be moved into any folder, except into its own child folders. 

A folder cannot be moved into any of the folders that contain templates provided by Dapresy. When a folder is moved, all the child folders are automatically moved. All templates are moved as well. To sort the folders below a parent folder, simply drag and drop them.