With a Template Library, you can make your report setup much more efficient; you can save and store objects (element), groups of objects, a slide, or group of slides (report) to be reused in other projects! For a more effective setup, a wizard-like setup is used to apply questions, answers, filters, and time periods to the objects (coming from the library). This makes the report setup more user-friendly for non-expert users.

In The Template Library, you’ll find professional templates provided by Dapresy that you can use in your projects. Use these templates for inspiration, as they are, or customize them to match your company’s design! 

All templates you create are shared between the Administrators within your own company. This means that the library is company specific, not Administrator specific. So feel free to collaborate!

You cannot save new templates or edited templates into the folder that contains Dapresy provided templates. You as an Administrator can only save (and edit) templates into the folder you or someone else in your company has created.