All dashboards have some sort of a structure – it is important to consider the layout of your dashboard first. When we click on the Layout Tab at the top we get the following page with 7 icons:

The list below shows the settings present in the Layout panel.

  • Show all slides
  • Hide slide navigation
  • Show PPT template as slide background
  • Chart image quality settings

The image below highlights the “Show all slides” option. With this option selected you cannot set up a multi-slide StoryTeller and your dashboard will become a single dashboard where you can scroll down. The upside of this is that the single page StoryTeller allows you to export out your entire dashboard into PowerPoint with a single click.

The second option is “Hide slide navigation” This functionality can be turned off or on, depending on the user’s preferences. In cases when the navigation is hidden, the Administrator can add links (by using the Text object) for navigating between the slides. With this functionality, the export to PPT/Excel is modified. If the slide navigation is hidden, the system will only export (PPT or Excel) the current slide – not all slides.

Once the Hide slide navigation is applied only the slide navigation is hidden. The loading bar showing the loading (progress) of the current slide is still shown. The setting for hiding the slide navigation is not applied on a sub report level and does not function as a setting for complete StoryTeller. The setting for hiding or showing slide navigation needs to be adjusted on each individual sub report level. Once the navigation is hidden, it is only hidden in Report User view. When looking at the report from a setup view the navigation is still shown, otherwise it would be hard to make the setup of the report.

The slide navigation controls are hidden automatically in situations where the report only has one slide. As soon as the report has two or more slides, it appears automatically.

The image below highlights the “Show PPT template as slide background” option. Show PowerPoint template allows you to show your PowerPoint template online as a background image.

The image below highlights the “Chart image quality” options.