There are instances where you are not able to get all the desired reporting values from the data you uploaded and you need new questions which will make your reporting more concise and accurate. One of the options available is Index questions. The Index question that you can create in Dapresy Pro is a calculated question based on the answers from 2 or more questions with the same number of answers.

The [Index question] function can be found on the [New Variables/Values] tab. All categorical questions can be included in an Index question and the end result can show both percentage and mean values. Different weights can also be applied on the different ingoing questions.

How it’s calculated

Dapresy calculates index questions by first creating a mean value per respondent over all questions included in your index question. Once all respondents have a mean value, Dapresy calculates a mean value over all respondents. See the example below.

If weighted data in objects is used, each answer is multiplied by their weight, and a mean per respondent is calculated. After that, Dapresy sums up all respondents means and it is divided with the sum of all weights.