The group answer function aggregates answers into new answers. It can be used when creating a net. For example, if you have regions A, B, C, D and need a net of A+B. Or another use case is creating different age groups.

It’s important to remember that once you have a group answer, it does NOT affect the base size in the calculations.

Grouped Answers are created and edited from the Answer block view. To create a grouped answer, select the answers to be merged to a new Grouped answer and then apply the option “Create Grouped answer” in the context menu.



To edit, or delete, an existing grouped answer, go to Create grouped answer:

And use the edit/delete icons displayed in the most right column of the screen, see example of these in the image below.


Note: Grouped answers are saved on ID 100001, or the highest available ID.

The Grouped answer functionality has been improved when using the Grouped answer to create Totals. A option makes it now possible to include both all existing and future added answers automatically in a Grouped answer which results in less manual work in projects where new answer alternatives are added continuously 

Note: grouped answers cannot be created based on answers within computed variables.

The content of a Grouped answer can be previewed directly in the Answer grid from the answer block page.

Here we see a preview of a Grouped answers in the Answer block grid. To edit the Grouped answer click any answer and the Grouped answer edit view is shown.