With using Merge into new variable you can merge variables together. For instance a 1st-mentioned brand and a 2nd mentioned brand.

To create a new merged variable, click the “Create new variable” option in top left corner from the Questions tab, in the resulting popup, select the second option to create a new merged variable.

Here we see the option for selecting the type of variable to be created.


To edit, or delete, an already created compute, index or merged variable use the edit and delete icons displayed in the most right column of the Question grid, see example of these icons in the image below.

Here we see how the edit and delete icon appears for computed, merged and index variables. 

To create new merged variable simply give your merged variable a code at the top. Then apply the right color template code and name. Then insert the relevant report text. In our example that would be ‘1st and 2nd mentioned’. Select the variables you want to merge by ticking them in the 1st column on the left. Then scroll down and click the ‘Apply’-button at the bottom left. Once you are done click SAVE at the top left corner.

Automatic selection: This option allows you to automatically define the content based on the question codes, rather than manually selecting which will be included. This logic covers all existing questions as well as all future questions so you will not need to edit the Merged Variables when any new metadata is added to the project. This auto-creation is based on the question code structure. Therefore, the code must be similar for all questions that will be included in the same Merged variable.

In the Merged Variable pages you can define if the selection of the ingoing questions will be done manually or automatically based on codes.
• Manually – This is done by ticking the questions to be included
• Automatically – This means that a code is entered, and then all matching questions will be automatically included. This includes all existing questions as well as future questions

Note: when answer categories are adjusted a merge variable won't be updated automatically. You'll need to update that manually first.