At the Inactivate Questions/Answers tab you can inactivate entire questions or answer alternatives. Simply tick the boxes of all Questions and Answers you wish to inactivate and then click ‘Inactivate’ at the top left.

During the course of time you will have more data uploads and it’s recommended to have all Meta data for old questions in the file, even if you don’t have any data for it. In case you don’t have the Meta data in the file and you didn’t selected to Inactivate excluded Meta data, as shown in the screenshot,  the questions and answers not present in the imported data file will be inactivated during the data import.

You can activate questions in the same way as you can inactivate them. If you have the case where some questions got inactivated due to missing Meta data, you can go to Inactivate Questions/Answers Tab, search for the question and activated it. For easier search just press the Answer alternatives inactivated column header and all inactivated variables will be sorted by criteria yes/no.