A questionnaire often has its own internal logic. On the Question blocks tab you can create and subsequently edit Question blocks. Grouping your Questions together into Question blocks is done for easier reporting throughout the setup of your portal. Question blocks can be used in our Chart Creator module as well as in our Cross Tab Tool and you can of course group open ended questions as well.

Question blocks are created via the Question blocks menu in the top toolbar or the context menu (see example image further down). To create a question block select the questions to be included and, in the Question block menu, click “Create new Question block”. You can also add the question to an already created question block by using the “Add to existing Question block option”.

Here we see the Question block menu.


If the project contains Question blocks you can choose to view all the questions grouped by the Question block as show in the image below. From here you can also delete the Question blocks (click the delete icon in the light blue panel), update the Question block name (click the current name and it becomes editable) and add/remove questions.

Here we see the Question block view, the highlighted option in the top of the page is used to switch between the question and the question block view.

Note: the Questions page is currently not supporting to edit the sort order of Question blocks, use the old page “Sort order Question blocks” for sorting Question Blocks.