If the translations will be made via the Excel download/upload process, then use the ‘Download/Upload Metadata’ screen. 

First select the language you would like to translate. That language will be in the excel file with your original texts which you can overwrite

Second, select which items to include in the Excel file, for example Questions and Answers only or Filters as well (as shown in the image below).

Note: if you only have your original language selected and you try to add a language column in excel, you will get an protected sheet Excel error. You must include the language that you want to translate and overwrite that column in excel.

The “Select content” list shown in the image above only shows relevant items. For instance, if the project doesn’t have any StoryTeller objects that require translations, then the “StoryTeller objects” are not shown in the list above. The same goes for all other items. The downloaded Excel file has one sheet for each item, as shown in the image below. The image below shows the format of the Excel file.