The download and upload of Meta data provides option to change your Meta data in bulk. Selecting Download/Upload Meta data tab will take you to another screen where you can download the Meta data that you have imported with your data. 

First you need to select the language or available languages of your Meta data, select if you need to include variables settings and press upload. After you will get the Meta data downloaded in excel format.

The function is also used in projects with multiple languages to translate the questionnaire into the additional languages. Due to the Excel process the function allows a translation process where all the question and answer option texts can be translated by an external party and then easily updated in the system.

In Excel format you can add additional columns of new language for your Meta data and re-upload the file back on the Upload section. Simply select Browse, select the file and press upload. By these changes to your Meta data will be changed in the system as well; for example if you have selected new culture i.e. French (from project settings) and you have Meta data translated to French as well; then this will appear in your project.

The following settings can be updated in the Excel file:

  • Questions
  • Question texts in all present languages
  • Question color
  • Question type
  • Answer alternatives (per Answer block)
  • Answer text in all present languages
  • Answer color
  • Exclude from average setting
  • Average factor setting
  • Positive/Neutral/Negative setting

As shown in the image above the user selects which languages to download and if the variable settings should be included in the downloaded Excel file or not. If the purpose is just to change the texts then the settings do not need to be downloaded.The downloaded Excel file contains 2 sheets, one for all the Answer blocks and one for all Questions. The lists below shows the columns that are present in each sheet. 

The bold columns in the list are columns that cannot be updated in the Excel file as they are internal database IDs those columns are write protected in the downloaded file. The columns in italic are the Settings columns which can be included in the downloaded Excel file.

Columns in Answer block sheet
Answer ID
Answer block name
Exclude from average (settings column)
Average factor (settings column)
Negative/Neutral/Positive (settings column)
Color (settings column)
Answer text (one column per language)

Columns in Question sheet
Question ID
Question Code
Question type (settings column)
Question text (one column per language)

During the upload the file gets validated – if an error occurs – the upload stops and the errors in the file are shown in an error message on the screen. The following validations are performed:

1.  Language names in column headers 

  • unknown language names – import stops

2.  Answer ID and Question ID 

  • unknown Answer ID or Question ID – import stops

3.  Color codes

  • un-valid color codes – import stops
  • blank color codes – the existing color codes are used

4.  Average factor 

  • non numeric factor – import stops

5.  Positive/negative/neutral settings 

  • Unknown setting – import stops

6.  Include in Average setting

  • Unknown setting – import stops

7.  Validate changed question type (only valid updates are Single choice <-> Single choice scale)

  • Empty text cells are allowed. If the text cells are empty no update is done.