Similar to sorting the sort order of questions you can sort the order of appearance for the answers. When you select the answer block tab and Sort order Answers – Grouped answers sub tab you will see the new screen. Here you can select the answer block from the drop down and select sequence order of answers by selecting a particular answer and moving it u or down, one place or to first/last position.

Value sorting groups

Besides the normal order of sorting answer options, Dapresy has “Value sorting group”: answers in an Answer block can be divided into different value sorting groups. Value sorting groups are useful when for example having an answer list with key brands and non-key brands, models and-sub models, topics and sub-topics etc. in the same answer block as these now can be sorted by value within each group.

 As shown in the image below the sorting groups are specified on an Answer block level so the sorting groups are applied to all StoryTeller, StoryCreator and Cross table tool reports when value sorting is used.

Here we see an example of a setup of two sorting groups, the “Sortable group 1” is the main brand and the key competitors, the “sortable group 2” is the non-key brands. Also, Other and Don’t know are anchored at the bottom and excluded from value sorting. The result of these settings is shown in the second image below.

Here we see the result of the setting in previous image when applying value sorting.