The Questions tab allows you to view the answer blocks of your project. Go to Questions tab:

Make sure the columns Answer Block and #Answers become visible by adding them in the Column panel:

Above the Question grid, in the top right corner, you can open the Column panel used to select which columns to be displayed in the grid. The order of the columns can also be rearranged by drag and drop in the column panel.

When the column is visible, simply click on the number of the answers for a question.  Once you have done that the answer block becomes visible and you can change the answer text by clicking on this texr. When you’re done changing the answer text for your a question make sure to click save at the top left of your screen.

Dapresy Pro automatically names Answer Blocks when meta data is loaded for the first time. In the corresponding dropdown menu, you can see which Question (Report Text) that Answer Block is being used at. Alternatively, you can select an Answer Block in the right dropdown menu and click ‘Questions sharing Answer Block’ on the right. When you click on that you get an overlay showing you all Questions that share that Answer Block.

The color template dropdown list shows a preview of the first five colors. This makes it easier to find and apply a certain Color template. A search option is present inside the dropdown list (see image below). By clicking on any of the colors in the far right column, you can further fine tune your color design.

Sorting of answer options: You can sort answers in a few different ways:
  • Select one or more answers (click the most left column) and move them via drag and drop
  • Enter a sort order value in the Order column
  • Sort all answers alphabetically by clicking the Answer text column header
  • Sort all answers by ID by clicking the ID column header
  • Sort all answers by factor average by clicking the factor average column header

Sorting via drag and drop cannot be made if the Answer option list has been filtered. Sorting by drag and drop can only be used when all answer options are shown in the list.

You can either move codes up or down, or simply type in the relevant numbers in the far left column. When you untick the ‘Edit sort order’ box you return to your main screen. And finally you can change the Report Texts, exclude codes such as “Don’t Know” from your averages and assign Positive, Neutral or Negative to your codes for Pos/Neg Charts later.

Exclude average: All answer “excluded” from averages will be removed from the base size when calculating mean values but still included when calculating %.

Factor average: in mean value calculations you can use factors as shown in the image above. In case you added (imported) an answer block with values as 5,4,3,2,1 instead of 1,2,3,4,5 what you can do is make a necessary correction by assigning Factor Avg.