The Questions tab allows you to change order of the question(s) appearing in your report. 

First go to Questions tab:

Make sure the column Order becomes visible by adding them in the Column panel:

Above the Question grid, in the top right corner, you can open the Column panel used to select which columns to be displayed in the grid. Dapresy has different ways of how to change the order.

The order of the columns can be rearranged by

  •  drag and drop in the column panel.
  • click on the number of the order and alter the number.  When you’re done changing the order for your various questions make sure to click save at the top left of your screen. 
  • move several questions to the top or bottom of the question list with a single click via a new “Move” option in the context menu.  To move a set of questions, select the questions to be moved and apply either “Move to top” or “Move to bottom” in the context menu. Here we see the new option for moving one or multiple questions to the top or the bottom of the question list.