The Event setup is made in the first tab in the Event Server Result based page. The image below shows the list of Events, click “New condition” to create a new one.

When defining the content and behavior of an Event the following is defined:

Name: The name of the Event. It will not be shown in any email it is only for internal use to mark up all created Events.

Event schedule: define when the Event should be triggered. Should it be triggered by data activation or in a certain time schedule? If it should be triggered every time new data is activated select “during data activation” in the list Event schedule. If it should be scheduled to a certain time select between the following types:

  • Weekly: 1 -7 days a week can be selected. A time is also defined.
  • Monthly: 1 day per month is selected. A time is also defined.
  • Hourly: select if it should run every 1,2 3 hours etc.

Active: Select if the Event should be Active or not. Only Active Events are being evaluated.

Conditions and Filters: Select at least 1 condition to be used when the Event is evaluated. If multiple conditions or filters are selected all must be fulfilled to trigger the Event.

To add a condition/Filter to the Event click the Add/remove condition filter button and a new popup window appears where the conditions/filters are added/removed.

It is not any difference between a condition and a filter, they will behave the same. They can be used to split up the conditions in two boxes to get a better overview if multiple conditions are used.

Email template: Select which email template to use.

Recipients: define who should receive the Event email. It can be users in the project or external email addresses.

To add a recipient click the Edit recipients button and a new popup window appears where the recipients are added/removed.