The setup of the Conditions is similar to the setup of up of a chart as options such as time period, filter, calculation type etc. needs to be defined. To create a new Condition click the “New condition” button in top left corner of the Condition tab tab and a popup image appears, see the images below. The image below shows the list of Conditions, click “New condition” to create a new one.

The image below shows the popup image for defining the conditions, the page is split up in multiple tabs.

Variable tab: select which calculation type to use. The calculation types shown in the list reflects the variables in the projects so only relevant types are shown. When the calculation type has been selected the desired variable is pointed out.

Filter tab: The filter tab shows all filters in the projects, select the filters to be applied to the definition.

Time period tab: select the time period to use in the calculation.

The threshold tab: The Threshold value is defined with a single expression like for example “<75” which means that the Event will be triggered if the result goes below 75. In the cases where a range should be used this is done by creating two conditions which both then are applied to the Event. As if multiple conditions are used in one Event all conditions must be fulfilled.