The email templates can consist of plain text, images and links to the portal. The link contains the username and password so the receiver of the Event email does not need to manually login to the portal to view the result, it is enough to click the link to be logged in automatically.

To create a new email template click the “New template” button in top left corner of the Mail template tab and a popup image appears, see the images below. The image below shows the list of Email templates, click “New template” to create a new one.

The image below shows the popup image for defining the email template content.

The following steps are made during the setup of the email template.

Name: Add a name, preferably a name explaining the content of the email template

From email address: this is the email address the receiver of the email will see in his/her mail program. If it is leaved empty a Dapresy address will be used.

Mail subject: the mail subject of the email

Body: the text to include in the email. As shown in the image below the text can be styled, if any specific needs are required the “Source code” option can be used to enter the email in HTMLmode.

Insert direct link: click the option “Insert direct link” and select which report the link should go to. In the popup window the text of the link can be defined as well.