The setup of the Result based Events is very similar to the Respondent based Event server. The setup page is found to the most right in the “Project settings” page.

Only user with license to use the Enfesys modules has access right to this page. For more information or prices contact your account manager.

The following steps are made during the setup of the Events:

  1. An email template is created: which information should be included in the email that is sent out when the result goes outside the defined threshold values?
  2. Conditions: the thresholds, what should they be based on? % or Means? Which variables, any filters? Any specific time period like last week or the full period?
  3. The Event itself which is based on an Email template, one or multiple conditions and a list of recipients.

No automatic function for creating conditions based on for example the Hierarchical filter structure exist. In cases where a threshold should be used to warn if any node in the Hierarchical Filter structure goes below the thresholds one condition and one Event needs to be created per Hierarchical Filter unit, take that into consideration when estimating the setup time needed!