The setup of the Direct links makes it possible to select to which Form the link should go to if the StoryTeller contains links to multiple Forms. The image below shows the interface for defining the Direct links. 

If selecting a StoryTeller report (in the Target report list) and a slide (in the Target slide list) containing a Form you can decide if the form should be opened automatically or not by ticking the check box “Open Form Automatically”. If selecting a slide which contains Respondent tables with links to Form reports you can now select which form that should be opened automatically, see the second image below. The image below shows a link going to slide 1 in the Overview report, as “Open Form automatically” is not ticked the link goes to the slide only, no Form is opened automatically.

In the image below, the “Open Form automatically” is ticked so it is possible to select which Form should be opened up automatically (all Forms connected to any Respondent Table in slide 1 is shown in the selection list).

Note: The direct links pointing to a StoryTeller can only open a Form if the link is inserted in the “Details” section of the email template. If the link is inserted in the “Header” or “Footer” it can only go to a certain slide as those sections do not contain any respondent information.

After a Direct link has been inserted it is possible to see the target Report when hovering over the link as shown in the image below.

The design for inserting the link has changed and now looks like the box show here.

If ‘Show URL’ is selected, then ‘Text to Display’ and text field are disabled. Email will include URL, just as in earlier version.

When ‘Show URL’ is not selected, then it is possible for a user to write text that is shown instead of URL in the email. When mail is sent out, then the text written in the text field will be shown, and when the user clicks on it, it will open up the report.

Hyper-links can be embedded in Event emails which allow users to click and automatically be logged into a specific Report. The direct link contains the user credentials of the Report User receiving the email. The Administrator can also add the direct links to the email template. It is possible to add a direct link to any Report type including Sub reports and the Start page. If the target report is a StoryTeller, it is possible to link to a specific slide within the report. The images below show the setup:

To insert a direct link, the Administrator clicks the button shown below.

A pop-up window appears where the target report (and slide) is selected.

When “Insert” is clicked in the image above the direct link, it is inserted in the position of the text cursor. It can be in the Header, Details or the Footer box.

It is possible to add recipients to the Event that do not exist as Report Users in the project. An external email address can be added as shown in the image below. No direct link can or should be inserted in emails sent out to these people.

Note: The Event emails can contain direct links to a specific StoryTeller or Form report (without logging in). However, in  the project settings a function exists which makes it possible to always force the login procedure, even if a direct link is used (for higher security). The setting is a project level setting located in Project settings page as shown below. By ticking the "Require user to login when opening direct links in Event emails" the user will be forced to login when using the direct links. Here we see the new setting used to force a login when the user clicks a direct link in Event emails.