On the Event setup page the schedule can be controlled: define how often the system should search for respondents fulfilling the conditions. As shown in the image below an option “During data activation” is present by default.

The image below shows the hourly settings. In this example the administrator has selected an 4 hourly schedule to send out emails between 09:00 and 17:00, one at 9.00 am, one at 1 pm and one at 5 pm. If the timeframe is changed to 09.00 till 16.00, it will only run at 9 am and 1 pm. The next day at 9 am it will run again.

The image below shows the weekly settings. The Administrator selects which days of the week to make send outs.

The image below shows the Monthly settings. The Administrator selects which day of the month to send out their emails.

Dates can be used for creating reminders of non-closed Events based on the number of days the Event has been open. For example, an Event email is sent to a responsible person if any respondent has an NPS score lower than 4. If the Event has not been closed or updated within 4 days from the interview date, a reminder is automatically sent out.

The reminder Event is created with the same conditions as the first Event, plus an additional condition based on the Event status and the number of days passed since the interview date.

The date variable is added to the page used for creating the Event Conditions as shown in the image below. When the user selects the new option “Date Variables,” the variable list shows all Date variables. The Administrator then selects the one to use in the condition and defines the number of passed days that should trigger the event.

The image shows the controls for using the Date variables. In this example, the Event is triggered if the “NPS” value is 0-3, the “Status” is Open and the Date is “Interview Date +4 days” or big