The Conditions are created in the Condition tab (see the image below). In the tab already created Conditions are shown in a list from which they can be deleted or edited. 

To create a new Condition click “New Condition” and a popup window appears as shown in the image below. Name the condition and use logical expressions in exactly the same way as in the Compute variable screen to define the rules for calculations. Always use the Validate function to validate the Condition before saving it. 

It's also possible to set up events based on dates: for example, an Event email is sent to a responsible person if any respondent has a NPS score lower than 4. If the Event has not been closed or updated within 4 days from the interview date a reminder is sent out. The reminder Event is created with same conditions as the first Event plus an additional condition based on for example the Event status and the number of days passed since the interview date. The date variable is added to the page used for creating the Event Conditions as shown in the image below. When the user selects the new option “Date variables”, the variable list shows all Date variables. The Administrator then selects the one to use in the condition and defines the number of passed days that should trigger the event.

Note: one the expression becomes longer, make sure you add brackets for every part, so Dapresy understands what it needs to evaluate.

In the later step when creating the Event multiple Conditions can be connected to the same Event. For Example: Customer satisfaction survey where an Event should be sent out to different region managers where each manager only should get dissatisfied clients in his/her region the following logic can be used:

  1. Create one Condition for detecting the dissatisfied clients
  2. Create one Condition per region which will be used as a filter to filtering out respondents per region.
  3. When creating the Events, create one Event per region and connect the condition created in point 1 above and one of the conditions in point 2.

By using this logic time will be saved in both the setup phase and in the future maintenance. If changes must be done in the Condition for detecting the dissatisfied clients it needs to be done in one place only and not one per region.