CSS is case sensitive

When writing your CSS, make sure that you are using the correct name of the element or class that you are trying to select, otherwise your style rules will not be applied.

Images and other rich media

Dapresy Pro must be used over https, as opposed to plain http, as a security precaution. This means that any images or other rich media must be served via https, failing to do so will generate an error in the browser, invalidating the Secure HTTP channel by serving them unencrypted content.

To solve this, you can either upload your rich media content to your own server, and include it via a https-link, or send it to a Dapresy team member so that we can host the content. Please note that this only applies to images and other files that are displayed or included directly in the page, as opposed to images and other files from external sources. 

Browsers Compatibility

There are many different browsers on the market, though the most popular are Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE)/Edge and Apple’s Safari. Together these account for around 95-98% of the global market. However, Internet Explorer is also fragmented into different versions (IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9,IE10 and IE11) which are by now replaced with Microsoft Edge as the default browser in Windows 10 (2015). If you want to allow users to accept and interact with iPads or other tablets, you also need to add target Apple’s Mobile Safari and/or different versions of the Android Internet Browser. 

Below is the usage share of desktop browsers for May 2017:

All of the varied browsers and versions have slightly different behaviour when it comes to HTML and CSS, as they use different rendering engines in the applications, and some lack JavaScript functionality that you might want to use. This requires you to know your target market, and knowing what browsers your end-users are going to use. You will need to make sure that your skin looks acceptable in every browser. 

jQuery will allow you to write cross browser compatible JavaScript fast, without the need to worry about different Internet Browser versions.