Most of the project specific labels are shown to report users support multiple languages. Below are the areas that support multiple languages:

General items:

•          Portal tab names

•          Variable subset names

•          Question block names

•          Filter names


•          The Hierarchical filter header

•          Optional filter headers such as Moving average, Floating time periods, etc.

•          Text boxes (including tooltips)

•          Labels defined in charts such as Mean value series, Percentile and axis information label

•          Labels defined in tables such as Mean value series, base size label, etc.

•          Labels defined in Respondent table such as links to Forms and column headers

•          Tooltips in Icon & shapes

•          Tooltips in Dynamic icon & shapes

Form Items:

•          Text boxes

•          Headers defined in the data fields

•          Tooltips in Icon & shapes

Cross Table Tool 2.0:

•          The Hierarchical filter header

Document Archive 2.0:

•          The Hierarchical filter header

All items above can be translated into multiple languages via an Excel download/upload process or via a “Label panel” interface located in the StoryTeller and Form. The StoryTeller, Form, Document Archive 2.0 and Cross table tool 2.0 items can also be translated directly in the setup interface of the reports/objects. 

The following items do not support multiple languages in the StoryTeller:

•          Any labels defined in the old Cross table tool component

•          Headers/Footers of an object

•          Text & Media box

•          ”Cell formatting” legend in tables

•          Scatter bubble labels