In addition to using the Language administration option, you also have the option to edit the Labels in Dapresy project. The purpose of the Label panel is to bulk update labels/translate labels in an efficient way.

The Label panel is located in the StoryTeller and in the Form. You can update all the project specific labels such as the report names, filter names, text boxes, labels in charts, etc. for one or multiple languages at the same time. The image below shows how to enter the Label panel from a StoryTeller and a Form report.

The Label panel is divided into two top tabs:

•          Project level labels: Includes all labels that are shared between all reports in the project like portal names, filter names, variable subset names, etc.

•          Report specific labels: Includes labels from the current report like text boxes and optional filter headers, etc.

The Report specific tab only shows content from the current report. By default, the Project level tab shows content from only the current report, but you can select to show all items by using the filter option. You can also use the search function at the top of the page. This will search both tabs and all panels. The image below shows the result of a search. The text “Report” was only found in the questions and answer panel and in the Text object panel. Only these two are shown as a result of the search.