Your added languages can be used in projects the same way that the standard languages are used. Once you added the language in the System section, it is available for use in a particular project. Each “Questionnaire language“ is connected to a “User interface language” so when adding a new Questionnaire language the User interface language to be shown must also be selected.

To use the language you added go to Project settings and under Language administration you can find an option to Add new language. Once you added the languages you want to use the available Language selection button will show these in Design/Preview.

Multiple Language reporting is supported in both the questionnaire and in the end user interfaces which makes it possible for the Report User to select which language to view the reports in. The list shows all the languages in the project that have been setup by the Administrator. The language selection remains when navigating between different reports/Tabs within the project. The selected language is also applied to the exports (Power Point and Excel) of the reports. The language selection control only appears if the project contains two or more languages.