If you need to add HTML or JavaScript to improve your portal you can use the custom HTML feature. It enables you to write HTML-code which will be inserted at the top of the page. You can use CSS or JavaScript to reposition your elements as needed. When writing JavaScript you have the jQuery javascript library as your aid to write cross-browser compatible code. There are a few important notes that you need to know before making any changes in Custom HTML.

Writing incorrect HTML code can break your portal. 

  • Writing incorrect JavaScript will break your portal, as JavaScript stops on any error per default.
  • Writing bad JavaScript code can drastically reduce the performance of your portal.

You need to be observant about how your changes look across different browsers and browser versions (cross-browser compatibility). This applies if you add HTML elements, style it or write JavaScript where you do not use jQuery. The inherent danger that Dapresy Pro makes changes to the underlying HTML which might change the appearance of your custom HTML or in the worst case scenario break your code. It is therefore very important to make sure your custom HTML code works as expected between new releases of Dapresy Pro.

If you would like to disable your custom code without deleting it permanently there is an option to turn off the custom code that has been added in the Project settings page. This makes it much easier to “remove” the custom code if you want to test the report without your custom code. The setting works for Custom CSS, Custom HTML and Export Custom HTML sheet. As soon the option is selected, the custom code will be ignored when you look at the report. In the image below, you can see the option.

Note that you have to refresh the Preview window (or close the window and open it again) after the custom code has been turned off/on to apply the change.

If you have custom code in your projects and the reports act strangely, then you should always try turning off the custom code before contacting the support team. If your report works fine when the custom code is turned off, then the issue is related to your code and not the system.