If you have a need to apply styling to existing graphic elements of your portal you may use the “Custom CSS” feature. It allows you to overwrite existing styles of the skin to transform your online portal. You can transform colors, sizes or hide elements by writing CSS rules.

There are a few important notes that you need to know before making any changes in Custom CSS. Styling applied via Custom CSS is not applied on any exports such as PowerPoint Export. Styling can overwrite existing default styling. You need to be observant about how you changes look across different browsers and browser-versions (cross-browser compatibility).

If you have custom code in your projects and the reports act strangely, then you should always try turning off the custom code before contacting the support team. If your report works fine when the custom code is turned off, then the issue is related to your code and not the system. 

Custom code is using the standard web development technologies HTML, CSS and JavaScript – with the option to use the JavaScript framework jQuery to create customized project skins. This allows you to change almost everything related to the visual design of a finished report.