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In Cross Table tool settings you can limit your client’s options for further drill-downs in tables. If you tick this box, all your tables will be for static/passive consumption only. No editing of the tables in the report will be possible.

There are few other settings that are available in this section. One is related to tabbed layout in CrossTab reports by which you can change the layout of the CrossTab from tabbed to non-tabbed layout. (Also referred to new and old layout as per improvements made over time) and the other settings is related to Color for significance test.

When performing a significance-test in Dapresy Pro, results will be displayed by cells that are colored red or green. A red cell means that the value is significantly lower than the column you compare it to, while green means that the value of the group is significantly higher than the reference column.
This can be customized in this section of Project settings as shown in the screenshot above. You can change color for: Significantly positive/negative, by assigning the new color from the pallet that will open once you click on a colored circle.