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A setting on the project level that allows you to change the default font in available in Project settings. The font that you select will be used by default in all new objects in the StoryTeller and Form, making for a much more efficient setup process.

You can select the default font in the Project settings page (as shown in the image below). When a new font is selected, it will be applied to all new objects. However, you can also choose to change the font in all of the existing objects. This option is available when you select a new font is selected.

You can also choose whether or not the default font will be applied to new objects that are imported from the report template library. When this option is enabled, all objects imported from the report template library will use the default font – no matter what font they had when the objects were added to the library. This option is enabled by default. The image below shows where the default font settings are located in the Project Settings page.