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The Project settings section contains various settings, such as the Language, Color templates and many more. Although these settings affect your entire project, you can change and adjust them at any moment. The overview of a project can be seen on the Project setting page. Here located at the bottom of the page project name can also be seen, as well as some additional information like  the location where the project is placed as well as the theme the Project uses.


Publishing the project to clients is the final step in the entire reporting process. It means the distribution of confidential results to a client. To make a project live and available to users, the project needs to be published. Simply visit portals tabs page from where reports are both added, named, and distributed. Here the term “Distributed” previously used is now replaced by “Published”. 

Now, reports can also be added, edited, and published directly from report Preview mode. 

Image below demonstrates the new Portals tab page which combines settings from the old Portal tabs and Distribution page.

Reports can be published individually or all together.


This allows use of portal for dual purposes: There will be a section set up to analyze the results, run crosses, create charts, as well as sections that are delivered and distributed to clients. With simple single step, simply select the sections you wish to publish and then change the status of the report. 

In case there is a need to delete parts of a project in a later stages (for example, just one StoryTeller tab) make sure that this particular tab is not published. Also, deleting of a StoryTeller is not possible if favorites have been saved.