The Project settings section contains various setting for your project, such as the Language, Colour templates, or Approval for your project to go live.  Although these settings affect your entire project, you can change them and adjust at any moment.   The overview of your project can be seen in Project details section. To see your project name, location where the project is placed as well as the theme the Project uses, go to Project details.


Approval and Distribution of projects to clients is the final step in the entire reporting process. It means distribution of confidential results to a client. Both the approval as well as the distribution should be handled with care and as part of an overall process of sign-off.

To make your project live and available to your users, you need to distribute your project.  When you click on Distribute icon,  you get a new page containing the list of your reports. Select the reports to distribute.

As you can see, you can distribute your reports in portions. This allows you to use your portal for dual purposes: There will be a section you set up to analyze the results, run crosses, create charts and then there will be sections that you deliver and distribute to clients. You simply tick the boxes of the sections you wish to distribute and then click the ”distribute reports” button.

In case you need to delete parts of your project in a later stage (for example, just one StoryTeller tab) make sure that it’s not approved under “Approval,” locked or distributed under “Distribute.” Also, the deleting of a StoryTeller is not possible if you have you have some favorites saved.


First tab under project settings tab is Approval, by which you are releasing or making your project public. Once you are done reporting you will need to distribute your project to end-client. Delivery of confidential research results to end-clients needs to happen error-free. This is why the Approval function exists as an extra step. It serves as an extra safe-guard that will make license holders more aware of the fact they will be delivering confidential research results, a ”finished product.”

You can approve your reports by simply ticking the box next to Project code. Once you have ticked the approval box, your project becomes locked. That means that no editing can be done after this unless the approval box is unchecked. 

Step by step

1.         Access Project Settings section and go to Approval icon.

2.         Check the box next to the Project name to complete the Step 1.

3.         Check the box next to the Project name to approve export of Raw data.


When exporting the data, all of the activated data, batches will export as one SPSS file. The export may take some time depending on overall size of data. It’s also important to check the accuracy of the email that’s inputted for receiving data. The Date section contains data export details and the setup options.

Refresh and Disitrbute

Once you enter the Design/Preview mode, the options to quickly refresh the page, distribute the project, or contact support are available as a toolbar at the top of the page. The options are always visible and displayed in the same position no matter what skin is used. These buttons are only shown for the Administrator users, so the Report users cannot see the toolbar at all.