If an imported file contains errors the import job will be cancelled and an email with information will be send out to the given email address. In the email, the complete error message will be shown to explain what went wrong.

If the auto import fails due to errors in the imported data file the auto import will look for the file again every 5 minutes, repeating it 20 times for approximately 100 minutes or 1hr:40 min total or until the next successful import. When an import fails an email (including error messages) is sent out to the relevant persons, they correct the file and upload it to the FTP again and then it will be imported automatically in the next full hour. The error description can also be found in error log. To see the details of the scheduled import press Show logs.

Note: As the first step in the import job is to un-distribute all the reports. All the reports will remain un-distributed if the job fails. If several .sav files match the given wildcard selection all matching files will be imported. On the FTP site an successfully imported .sav file will be renamed with the prefix “Imported_” and a file that fails will get the prefix “error” to make it easily to see which files are new, which have been successfully imported or not. If using SFTP – Always write the path in the field for data file name. You can’t have any space ( ) in the filename when you use SFTP.