The Import Scheduler supports automated uploads in projects using Hierarchical Filters. When uploading data manually to projects using Hierarchical Filters, you must point out which variable has the filter information as each respondent is connected to an organisation unit. When making automated uploads through the Import Scheduler the latest used variable will be applied to the import.

In the Import Scheduler screen option appears in Hierarchical Filters projects only. As shown in the image two options are present:

1.         Add nodes – only new groups/nodes are being added to the structure

2.         Complete update – new nodes are being added, nodes without data are being deleted etc.

Add nodes are selected by default. When the Add nodes option is selected new nodes are being added automatically to the hierarchical filter structure based on the imported data set. If Complete update is selected the following updates are done in the hierarchical structure during the import:

1.         The names of the units are being updated if the meta data has been updated.

2.         All existing groups without respondents are being deleted

3.         New groups are added

When new hierarchical groups are being added to the structure they are not being added to the StoryTeller reports automatically. That needs to be done manually in the screen for defining Optional Filters in the StoryTeller view.  

When project contains hierarchical filters derived from project data the h-filter is updated (added / updated Hierarchical Filters names / removed nodes without respondents) with the structure derived from new data that was updated.