The Excel/csv data files are often used for reporting external data such as media investments, social media data, sales figures. These data files can be imported to Dapresy. Regular survey data can also be imported by using the new Excel format but it requires more manual work compared to the .sav for handling the meta data labels. A project can have a mix of data sources so survey data can be imported in SPSS. SAV format and external data in several different Excel files. Excel/CSV is a very wide format and data can be stored in many ways. The Excel/csv file you want to import to Dapresy need to follow the following format guidelines:

  • Only one sheet in the data file will be considered during the import
  • Variables should be placed in columns and cases (respondents) in rows.
  • The variables (each column) should have a code/ identification name.
  • If each case has a specific date (response date) it should be included in the file as a date, it cannot be extracted from a week number etc.
  • The standard variables (Respondent id, Response date and Weight) are required
  • The Meta data transformation service can be used during the data import which means that these variables can be missing in the data file and added manually during the import.

Note: older excel versions using xls are not supported. You have to use a saved version containing the xlsx extension.

All variable types can be used when using Excel/CSV data but all variables will either be Numeric or String automatically. If the file contains categorical questions the Meta data transformation service must be used to recode Numeric/String variables into Categorical variables in the first data import.

  1. Go to Import data icon under Data section and select “Import” tab.
  2. In the dropdown menu select the file type Excel/CSV and Browse to search and select the file.
  3. Under BATCH TYPE, select to Import Case data or Import Meta data&Case data. You will select this option if you are loading data for the first time, or if you are loading altered metadata. If you are loading a second batch of data and there have been no changes to your metadata, you can load case data only.      
  4. Under Excel/CSV file settings choose Sheet name, Variable code row No, Variable text, and Data start row No, where variables and data can be found.
  5. If you select to Import Meta data & Case data or create a new metadata transformation, the options are identical as when you are using .sav file.

Note: in case you want to import CSV files, Dapresy will show you some different specific settings. Instead of choosing the sheet and row numbers, it will request which decimal separator and csv delimiter you have in your file.

Note: uploading a multiple

Use a column per answer and load these including the labels in the cells, as in the picture below:

Make sure that you have "Code open ended question to categorical" activated during the upload and in the Meta Data transformation you can set the type to Single choice and combine these columns into a multiple (read this article for more information). However, new answers belonging to this multiple which might appear in new uploads need to be manually added when loading these.