In case you have the data in Excel format and you want to use Quick import, the Quick import process assumes that there will be metadata transformation. The Excel import works as follows:

  1. Browse to search and select the file. New metadata and case data are selected by default.
  2. Choose Sheet name, Variable code row No, Variable text, and Data start row No, where variables and data can be found.
  3. Once the import button is pressed, Metadata transformation opens and all variables are shown and you must choose which questions are categorical. If you have the correct format for RespondentID, ResponseDate, and Weight, then these variables should be used. Press Proceed.
  4. Select separator for Multiple choice questions.
  5. The loading bar is shown while importing data and the Data is imported to the project. Once process completed you will then see there are two new options that are available, Import another file and Activate data. Once you select Import another file, then the import page will be show again. When you select ‘Activate data,’ you will be redirected to the activate data page.

In selecting the Multiple choice question separator, Use suffix as code is always selected by default. Metadata transformation is saved automatically and used the next time you import data to that project. It is required to name the metadata transformation with the project name and date. This metadata transformation will be visible when importing with an advanced import.