Once you have created your project and clicked the save button, you will then need to import your data into the project. There are two options available for this data upload. Manual, step by step import and Quick import. The quick import option is available for those who do not want to perform data adjustments or use advanced settings.

  1. Go to Import data icon under Data section and select “Import” tab.
  2. Press Browse to search and select the file.
  3. Select Multi choice question separator.
  4. Press Import button. The data and metadata are imported.
  5. Once process completed you will then see there are two new options that are available, ‘Import another file’ and ‘Activate data.’ Once you select ‘Import another file,’ then the import page will be show again. When you select ‘Activate data,’ you will be redirected to the activate data page.

The quick import option has the following default settings. These you can normally change if you select the Import option. While with Quick import these are predefined and can’t be changed:

  • Variables sharing answer blocks: ‘Identical answer list’
  • Inactivate excluded metadata: ‘Not selected’
  • Import metadata&case data. System checks for new metadata. If not present, imports case data only.

When importing the .sav file, the only option that can be changed is Multi choice question separator.

When importing EXCEL/CSV data, the available options that can be adjusted are:

  • Sheet name’ and a dropdown with existing sheets in excel
  • Variable code row no
  • Variable text row no
  • Data start row no
  • Decimal separator
  • CSV Delimiter